Across the North: Ospreys, Aeroplanes & Archeology

by David Murray on 19 July 2012

in Northern England

Back in April I mentioned a report that a female osprey had been spotted on a nest by Bassenthwaite Lake. Since then chicks have hatched and a couple of weeks ago three were tagged so that they can be tracked on their migratory journeys to and from West Africa. Now there is further news

Lake District osprey chick makes maiden flight

"Ella Dixon, of the Lake District Osprey Project, said: “Most ospreys fledge at around seven to eight weeks old so No 13's behaviour is very typical. He was probably encouraged to fledge by his parents, who were feeding in front of him but denying him …"
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Staying with the subject of flight, last year saw the centenary of what is believed to have been the first ever take off of an aeroplane from water and landing back on the water – and it happened here in the North of England, on Windermere. Last year’s commemorative flight was cancelled (due to lake regulations!) but this year a fly past is planned.
(Below the report I’ve added a video from YouTube of a recent Swordfish flight).

Fly past for Windermere to honour exploits on the lake

"INDUSTRY and enterprise in the Lake District is to be celebrated with a special fly past over Windermere. A Sea Fury and Swordfish of the Royal Navy Historic Flight will take to the skies above the lake on Monday as a memorial to the exploits of Captain Edward William Wakefield. … "
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From something that happened a hundred years ago we now go back further. It’s good to see that the North Pennines AONB has got further funding for its archeology project.

North Pennine archaeology project gets £295000 grant

"… to expand a volunteer programme for a further three years. … The pilot phase involved excavation work at the 13th century Muggleswick Grange in County Durham, and Westgate Castle, the former Bishop of Durham’s medieval hunting lodge. The volunteers also took part in … BBC News"
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That’s it for now except that following on my Opinion comment recently I can’t resist adding a link to yet another news article reflecting the increasing unaffordability for less well-paid locals of housing in the northern national parks.
Paying a premium for homes in National Park

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