Always Carry Identification When Up In The Hills

by David Murray on 29 March 2012

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I spotted this item today on the site of the Pennine Bridleway National Trail. It’s so important that I’m sure they won’t mind my copying it in full:

Its something that makes sense to most of us but we probably don’t all do it – when using the Trail please remember to carry some form of identification, preferably with an emergency contact number too. This reminder comes after a lone mountain biker was found injured on the Trail recently with no means of identification and no memory of who he was. It could be something as simple as a piece of paper with your name, number and emergency contact number or something more like engraved dog tag, road ID or an ICE sticker on your helmet. Horse riders should also remember to tag their horses bridle/saddle in case they should become parted.

While on this theme I guess a reminder about map and compass might not go amiss.

To all our safety …

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