Another Lake District & Cumbria news trawl

by David Murray on 11 January 2011

in Castles, Cumbria, Mining

Hoard of Roman coins near Silloth. A man with a metal detector was on his way home after finding nothing that day when he diverted to check on a freshly ploughed field near Silloth.  He’s glad he did, as he found a hoard of Roman coins.  See the story as told by the Whitehaven News.

Beautiful, and potentially dangerous. The annual figures for 2010 from the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association once again emphasise the fact that although incredibly beautiful the Lake District mountains can also be extremely dangerous. Anyone going up these slopes must take care, and go properly equipped. There were 28 fatalities last year, up from 19 in 2009.  BBC report.

Cumbrian Eden? No, I’m not organising another search for the biblical Garden of Eden.  This is about the redevelopment of the old Broughton Moor military arms dump.  One of the proposals is for something with similarities to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Actually, though, I’m puzzled at the strength of opposition to cleaning up the area by a few years of opencast mining.  But then, it’s not in my backyard.

“The earth moved”. Staying with family in Kendal just before Christmas we decided to have an early night.  Suddenly, about eleven, everything started to shake.  Was the roaring noise caused by the past few days’ weight of snow all slipping off the roof in one fell swoop.  No.  It was an earthquake centred deep below Coniston.  A few days later, having retreated to the safety of the East Midlands, we heard of another, this time centred near Ripon in North Yorkshire.  So Cumbria felt two earthquakes within just over a week.  This is nothing unusual in some parts of the world (I remember Guatemala City shaking every few hours while I was there a few years ago) but it’s not a typical Lake District experience.

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