Appleby Horse Fair – More Photos

by David Murray on 8 June 2011

in Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria, Eden Valley, Events, Visitor Attractions

Today I’m adding a few more of my Appleby Horse Fair photos from last weekend (see horse washing in the River Eden). It was a very successful event this year.

More horses at Appleby Fair

Notic above that the young foals are not tied. They simply follow the adults.  Sometimes, though, it looks as though one is asking “Where do I go next?”

Foal at Appleby Fair

Then there’s music on the street. And this year there was a great deal of TV attention.  Film crews were to be seen day after day.

Music at Appleby Fair

Away from the horses, on Chapel Street, was an indoor exhibition of gypsy life and history very well put together. The banner here was supplemented by a large board listing the programme of activities to take place over several days.

Gypsy Council events

The Market Hall was given over to stalls with gypsy wares of many types. This one, with its paintings and models of traditional caravans, was especially interesting.

Market stall at Appleby gypsy horse fair

And so, back to the river, where a good time was being had by all.

River Eden with horses and spectators at Appleby Fair

(The gypsy horse fair at Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria, is held in June each year. It is the major annual visitor attraction in the Eden Valley, but there is so much more to see all year round in this beautiful part of Cumbria).

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