Around-England 2010: Extending Our Coverage

by David Murray on 4 January 2010

in Northern England

When I launched this blog just over eighteen months ago my plan was to start with the Lake District. I was also at the time developing a ‘non-blog’ site about the Lake District so that made logical sense, quite apart from the fact that along with Lancashire it’s the part of the country with which I have the closest personal connections.  Another piece of the plan right from the beginning, however, was to spread out more widely into the rest of England.

That time has now come. Although there have been occasional posts about other areas you should now begin to see a steady broadening. We’ll look at places in Lancashire and Yorkshire, with initially an emphasis on East Lancashire and West Yorkshire – the Pennine country.  From time to time we’ll look at my current home county of Nottinghamshire and cross the Trent at Newark Castle to explore parts of Lincolnshire. Places in Cheshire will get an occasional visit, and of course we’ll not forget those areas of Cumbria outside the National Park such as the Furness Peninsula.

This does not mean that the rest of the country will be completely ignored, but I don’t want to be overambitious. Let’s take the extension a stage at a time.  The North-East will get some attention, but anything comprehensive will have to come later.

In addition to expanded geographical coverage there will be a greater variety of posts. The descriptive articles will continue, as will occasional travel diary entries. There will be more items about books, and especially those that we have found unusually interesting, and not only new books but also older volumes now available only on the secondhand market.

We’ll link to newspaper sites when there are particularly interesting things happening, and also to official bodies such as the tourism agencies and national park authorities. The site has to pay its way, so there will be commercial components as well. For example, the hotel booking service will continue to be available through the site, extending beyond England to the whole of Britain – and actually far beyond our own islands.

To support all of this we’ll shortly be changing the layout and will be introducing a new indexing system to help people find their way around. During 2010 our target is to become one of the most popular sources of information about places to visit in our wonderful country, especially the northern counties.

So, watch this space.

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