Buttermere and Haystacks; Fleetwith Pike and Honister Crag

by David Murray on 31 July 2012

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Yesterday afternoon, using a free afternoon between meetings in Keswick, and following a wet drive from the Newlands Valley over to Buttermere I decided to pay a quick visit to the Honister Slate Mine. First, though, even in conditions far from ideal for photographing mountains, I could not resist a shot over the head of Buttermere toward Warnscale and Haystacks with Fleetwith Pike climbing up to the left of the picture.

Haystacks - looking across Buttermere

The Head of Buttermere, Warnscale and Haystacks

At the top of Honister Pass I’d just missed the start of a tour of the slate mine so decided to wander around and take photographs. I managed to catch the lady leading the tour just as her group was boarding the bus for the mine. She kindly stopped for a couple of minutes to answer my questions about the planned Zip Wire, and suggested I go across the road to get a view of Fleetwith Pike from the track leading up to the Yew Crag quarries. Here is one of the products.

Honister Crag and Fleetwith Pike

Honister Crag and Fleetwith Pike, looking across from the old quarry track.

I’m planning to write more about Honister and its slate but, rather than delay until that is done, thought I’d put up just a few quick photos from a not very bright but extremely enjoyable afternoon.

Honister Mine Buildings from Yew Crag path

Looking down on the Honister Mine Buildings from the Yew Crag quarry path

Having taken this not-quite-bird’s-eye view of the mine buildings, with cafe and shop for visitors as well as the working sections, I turned my eyes to the east to look down the other side of the Honister Pass toward Borrowdale which is where I was next headed – then back to Keswick for the evening before driving home to Appleby. By this time the light had improved a little but it was time to go.

Towards Borrowdale from Honister Pass

Looking towards Borrowdale from the top of Honister Pass

I hope to be back before long. Will I try the Honister Via Ferrata? And if (no, when!) the long-awaited Zip Wire (or ‘Zip Weir‘ in memory of Mark Weir) is built will I glide down through air from Fleetwith Pike? Hmm! In my seventieth year I think maybe I should leave those things to my grandchildren, but I’ll be happy to see them do it. Can’t wait!

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