By Horse, 2-Wheels Or Two Feet Around The Eden Valley

by David Murray on 10 February 2011

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Today’s post owes its existence to part of an article by Anne Marcantonio of the British Horse Society, posted on the Ordnance Survey Blog on 3rd February.

Anne provides links to a number of safe off road riding routes on the Society’s new EMAGIN service, which is described as “the world’s first Equine Mapping and Geographical Information Network”.  What’s more, it’s free.

The “Eden Valley Loops” (circular routes) especially caught my eye, as I’ve spent several days in that area during recent weeks.  Here they are, with links to the EMAGIN site.

1. Eden Valley Loop 1 – Loadpot Hill (16km – 10 miles)
2. Eden Valley Loop 2 – River Lowther Valley (32 km – 20 miles)
3. Eden Valley Loop 3 – River Lyvennet Valley (32 km – 20 miles)
4. Eden Valley Loop 4 – Great Asby (29 km- miles)
5. Eden Valley Loop 5 – Crosby Garrett (21 km – 13 miles)

Happy walking, riding, cycling – whichever is your thing.

Oh, and here’s a photo I took of the River Eden at Appleby ten days ago.

River Eden at Appleby in Westmorland
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