Cairns on Wild Boar Fell

by David Murray on 27 October 2011

in Cumbria, Eden Valley, Mountains and Hills

The photo below is of Wild Boar Fell, looking over the western side of Mallerstang Common from near Pendragon Castle in the Upper Eden Valley. If you look carefully you can just see the little points sticking up from the table top of The Nab, to the left of the picture.

Wild Boar Fell from near Pendragon Castle

Wild Boar Fell from near Pendragon Castle, October 2011

Here now is a close-up of The Nab, taken through a longer lens. The little points, which I’m told are cairns, can now been seen much more clearly.

Cairns on The Nab, Wild Boar Fell - Cumbria

Cairns on The Nab, Wild Boar Fell - October 2011

Being fairly new to the Eden Valley area I’ve never been up there to inspect them closely, but they’ve been intriguing me for some time. To have a few cairns scattered around on a hilltop is not unusual but on Wild Boar Fell there is such a concentration of them. Does anyone know the explanation? If so it would be great to have a comment below.

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