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Northern England’s National Parks

There are fifteen national parks in the United Kingdom, ten of which are in England and four of these in the North (or five if the Peak District is counted as Northern).

At this stage most of our journeyings “Around-England” are in the northern counties so we’re going to limit ourselves chiefly to the four northern national parks for now. Emphasis so far has been on the Lake District, next will come the Yorkshire Dales, then Northumberland and the North York Moors.

The Web site addresses:

The Lake District National Park Authority

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

The North York Moors National Park Authority

The Northumberland National Park Authority

Other national parks outside the north can be found through

The UK Association of National Parks. This site includes not only web links but also information on the parks’ use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Also, don’t forget the AONBs, the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty of which there are thirty-four in England, including seven in the North. More of these later.

Below is a collection of past blog posts. To see posts relating to specific locations please use the navigation bar under the header photo.