The Yorkshire Dales National Park

Over the past year or so we have included a number of blog posts about the Yorkshire Dales, and we plan to expand this coverage. As soon as we’ve finished restructuring the Lake District content and have completed the first stage of our new Lake District Directory we’ll be able to continue our journey “Around-England” and to pay more attention to the Dales.

Meanwhile there is much to be found at the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority web site.

The Yorkshire Dales – Update 2010:01

January 14, 2010

Janet’s Foss, near Malham – Image via Wikipedia With the beginning of 2010 not only am I expanding the blog to cover a wider area of the North of England (see my post about the changes at Around-England 2010) but I’m also starting a series of news updates about different areas of the region which […]

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