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Cheap Cottages – Holidays in the North of England

I don’t often on this site post blog articles that are blatantly promotional, but this is an exception. In the present economic climate many people, especially with families, are having to think very carefully about holiday expenditure and many have not yet decided what to do. Four or five airfares from Britain to the Mediterranean no longer seem quite so affordable. On the other hand, the cost of a car journey to somewhere in the UK is pretty well the same whether one or four seats are occupied. The same also goes for a self-catering holiday cottage. Whether you have two or four people in a two-bed cottage the price is the same.

Self-Catering Holidays

Yes, there are pros and cons to self catering. There is the question of cooking and washing up. Does Mrs. Holidaymaker want to do all the same things that she usually does at home? (Am I being sexist? No, just realistic. That’s how the division of home labour commonly works out.) Anyway, that’s something to sort out between yourselves before you go – and then stick to the arrangement! Overall, though, the flexibility of self-catering accommodation is very appealing to many people.

Come to the North

The North of England presents a vast range of possibilities. From the Lake District in the west to the splendid Northumbrian coast on the east the North has a wealth of things to do and places to see of which the majority of British people, after years of trips to southern sun, seem to be seriously unaware. I well recall some years ago driving a London-based colleague from Manchester airport to West Cumbria and being faced with amazement at the distance we travelled and the places we passed. Lakes, mountains, rivers, castles, museums, galleries, beaches, cliff top walks, fishing, mountain biking, climbing, sailing, Roman forts on Hadrians Wall, … in the North the list can go on and on. There is no need to fly off to distant lands to have a splendid family holiday.

Cheap Cottage Holidays in the North

And that brings me back to price. Certainly it is possible to spend a lot on a Northern holiday. There are hotels up to four or five stars in many places. However, there are also much more affordable, and yet excellent quality, guest house and B&B options. But I started with self-catering cottages, and I’ll finish with what many today are looking for – cheap holiday cottages. In Lake District villages, in the Yorkshire Dales and many other beautiful areas of the North there is affordable accommodation for your family holiday at many different price levels. Why not explore the North this year? If you’ve not been before you might well be very pleasantly surprised.