It’s England This Year

by David Murray on 18 June 2008

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It seems that the predictions of British people holidaying in our own islands this year are coming true. For several decades the lure of reliable sunshine in Spain and elsewhere in the Mediterranean has been a greater attraction than the beauties of the English coastline or the grandeur of the Scottish and Welsh mountains. The same has been true to a lesser extent with respect to the Lake District although this has continued to be a favourite domestic destination.

A Heaton Cooper - Wastwater
Wastwater, from Strands
by A. Heaton Cooper,c.1905

The ever-present possibility (or more) of experiencing the rain which is at the root of their attractiveness is something of a turn-off for many; we like our lakes and streams, and the green grass, but we’d rather it rained at a different time or on someone else.

This year, however, although our pounds will still buy more dollars than has been usual for many years, the euro is even stronger, and therefore holidaying in the euro-zone becomes more expensive. Add to this the rapidly escalating price of oil and therefore of long-distance travel, and holidays in the home-country begin to have an economic attraction once again.

I hope the Lake District benefits from this, although I also have some other hopes, including that the increased load, if it fully materialises:

  1. will be spread across the region and not concentrated too much in the “honey-pot” locations of Bowness, Ambleside, Grasmere and Keswick; there are so many other wonderful places to visit around Cumbria;
  2. will include a large proportion of people moving around responsibly on foot over the hills, and not merely burning up the fuel on the Lake District roads that they’ve saved by not flying to Majorca.

If you’re thinking of the Lake District for either a long or short break this year, take a look at Coniston Water, Ullswater and Wastwater. And scan the National Trust web site for further ideas as to locations.

– David Murray –
England’s Lakes

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