“England’s Lakes” site relaunched

by David Murray on 21 July 2008

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On Friday I relaunched my “England’s Lakes” site.

The original version was created using a semi-automated site-builder.  That was good for speed, but unfortunately as the site developed it become too difficult to control the layout and content as precisely as I wished.  So now it’s entirely restructured and much easier to manage.

Most of the old features are still there with the exception of the news feed.  That was giving unpredictable results, so until I’ve figured out how to control it better I’ve decided to take it off.  Similarly, the automatic feed of Amazon items was sometimes generating irrelevant adverts in the sidebar; so that also has been removed and replaced by a few of my own hand-pick Amazon items with a clear relationship to the Lake District.

More pages are being added steadily, and existing pages are being expanded.  Our own hotel finder will be here very shortly (hopefully later this week), and many of the pages now include photographs from the Francis Frith collection.

I’ve also launched an English Lake District Hub Page which will parallel some of the content on the main site but I suspect that like my “England’s Lakes” Squidoo lens it will gradually take on a character of its own.

Happy “Laking”,

– David –

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