Flowers of Eden on a Damp Afternoon

by David Murray on 23 June 2011

in Cumbria, Eden Valley, Rivers

A few days ago I saw an heron fishing in the River Eden. I didn’t have with me a camera with a long lens. So this afternoon I returned to the same spot in the hope that we might just meet again. But I’d forgotten. We’ve had a heavy rain since then and the river is swollen. Mr. (or Mrs.) Heron would have been swept away in any attempt to stand in the shallows and fish. In fact there are no shallows today.

And so I wandered “lonely as a cloud” along the bank, though actually today the clouds are not at all lonely; the sky is filled with a great congregation of them – or whatever the collective noun for clouds might be.

Then I spotted some colour among the greenery, and thought, if no bird then why not a flower? Here then are some of the flower shots from a stretch of Eden riverbank maybe two hundred yards long. Who said that a damp Cumbrian afternoon need be boring?

Flowers by Eden - 1

Flowers by River Eden - 1

Flowers by Eden - 2

Flowers by the River Eden - 2

Flowers by Eden - 3

Flowers by the River Eden - 3

Flowers by Eden - 4

Flowers by the River Eden - 4

Flowers by Eden - 5

Flowers by the River Eden - 5

Flowers by Eden - 6

Flowers by the River Eden - 6

Maybe the clouds will pass and we’ll have a few days without rain. If so, when the water drops I’ll return once again and look for my heron.

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