From Bluebird to Boxing Day Cricket

by David Murray on 7 January 2011

in Cockermouth, Cumbria

Today’s post is a brief miscellany of Lake District and Cumbria news, ranging from the trivial to the serious, just what catches my attention.

Bluebird developments – The Westmorland Gazette reports that a driver, Ted Walsh of Cartmel, has been selected for the 2012 speed trials of Donald Campbell’s Bluebird, currently being reconstructed after recovery from the bed of Coniston Water.

Cumberland – As an aside, I just now made a mistake in entering something into Google and up came a link to the Cumberland Times-News.  No, not a new paper based in Carlisle.  According to the blurb it “serves Western Maryland and the Potomac Highlands of  West Virginia.”  Hmm.  They’ve been receiving parcel bombs at local government offices!  Let’s hurry back to Cumbria before I get diverted to Cumberland County, North Carolina, or Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Cockermouth recovery – Passing through Cockermouth just before Christmas I was so pleased to see the results of the herculean efforts of the local people to recover from the devastating floods of a year ago.  Apparently, though, according to the Times & Star, there is a proposal to introduce on-street parking charges in the town.  This seems to me to be just the kind of kick in the teeth that struggling local tradespeople do not need.  Let’s hope the bureaucrats come to their economic senses.

Bridge to re-open after 2009 floods – More than twelve months after the floods it’s easy to forget that what, for the national news media, was a passing story has had many continuing impacts on local communities.  On my occasional visits to family in the Workington area I have to navigate between the town centre and Seaton, and still get a bit confused by the one-way systems caused by missing bridges.  It is good, therefore, to learn that a few miles further inland the bridge at Lorton is due to re-open in January. This will be a great relief to the locals.

Boxing Day Cricket – I’ve heard of many strange things being done on Boxing Day or New Years’s Day, but this is a new one on me.  The Cumberland & Westmorland Herald reports an eight-a-side cricket match (in full whites) on a snow-covered Latrigg summit on Boxing Day. And it attracted a crowd of around a hundred.

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