Across the North: Geography, Northumberland and Farming

by David Murray on 27 July 2012

in Northern England

I've heard it said that many English people know more of the geography of Spain than of their own country but a recent error on the TripAdvisor site beats the lot. The Lake District in the Midlands? Near Nuneaton? What next?

Trip Advisor error puts Lake District next to Nuneaton

"The travel website Trip Advisor has been criticised for locating Cumbria's Lake District in the Midlands. Its page for the region showed a map of Nuneaton and surrounding area – 170 miles (280km) south. Lakes Hospitality Association president Jonathan …BBC News"
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The North was in the news this past week, especially for royalty watchers, when Prince Charles spent a day or two with the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and visited several places on the Northumberland Coast. The surprising thing to me was that the visit was described as his first to the area. For our news here today I've picked out from the reports from many places his visit to Lindisfarne.

Charles visits historic Lindisfarne

"Charles met islanders on Lindisfarne, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland – some of whom met the Queen on her 1958 visit – and traced the route she took around part of the island. He was shown around historic buildings including Lindisfarne Castle …"
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Farm incomes have been in the news recently from several different directions. This is especially an issue in the North with upland agriculture a continuing struggle for survival. Now the dairy industry in in the spotlight and it is good to see Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, speaking out for the northern farming community.

Let struggling British farmers use 'Fairtrade" label to save industry, …

"Dr John Sentamu said farmers in upland areas such as the Yorkshire Dales were struggling to survive with cheap imports flooding the market. He said that consumers were “colluding” with supermarkets to keep prices down at the risk of forcing farmers out …"
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That's it from Across the North for this week.  More next time.

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