Hellgill Force – The Upper Eden Valley

by David Murray on 26 October 2011

in Cumbria, Eden Valley, Rivers

At the very top of the Eden Valley, close by where Cumbria borders with Yorkshire a stream flows down the hillside then suddenly plunges into the depths of a ravine. The stream is the infant Eden. The waterfall is Hellgill Force.

Two weeks ago I strolled briefly around there, leaving the car by the county boundary, reconoitering for later more extensive walks in the area. Here is a quick shot. I’d have liked to scramble around for a better viewpoint but wasn’t either dressed or equipped for that. Here’s to another visit, and I’ll try to time it so as to get some sun into the ravine and to the foot of the falls. A sunny afternoon following some heavy rain will, I’m sure, be spectacular.

Hellgill Force October 2011 - Eden Valley - Cumbria

Upper Eden Valley - Hellgill Force - October 2011

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Paul Shorrock October 26, 2011 at 23:40

Thanks for that, David. It certainly looks to be worth a visit.

David Murray October 27, 2011 at 15:43

I’m just waiting for a day when the light and my availability coincide, then it’s back with the camera. When we moved to live in the Eden Valley earlier this year I knew we were coming to a beautiful area but to be honest, although we knew the Lake District well, I didn’t fully appreciate what a wealth of photogenic walking country there was going to be within a very few miles of home east of the M6.

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