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by David Murray on 11 July 2008

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I’m sure you’ve seen books about a particular town or village, possibly your own, made up almost entirely of old photographs.  If so, it’s more than likely that you’ve seen the work of the Francis Frith company.   They’ve been publishing photographs and photographic collections since the middle years of the nineteenth century.

We’re now able to introduce our readers to their collections both here and on our other sites.  We’ll very soon be adding sample photographs on our England’s Lakes site.

Coniston, from Church Tower 1906.  (Neg. 54242)  © Copyright The Francis Frith Collection 2008. http://www.francisfrith.com
Coniston, from Church Tower 1906.
Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection.

If you click on the above photograph of Coniston village a century ago you will be taken to a page listing many other photos of the Coniston area, including the lake.  From there you can order copies, or search for other areas either in the Lake District or further afield.

Keep coming back as we add more and more services to our England’s Lakes site.

– David Murray –
England’s Lakes

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