Across the North: Housesteads and Wasdale

by David Murray on 2 August 2012

in Northern England

After their strange geographical error a few days ago, when they located the Lake District in the Midlands near Nuneaton, Trip Advisor have got something right this week. They've awarded a Certificate of Excellence to the Housesteads Roman Fort and Museum in Northumberland by Hadrian's Wall. 

Housesteads Museum | What to see at Hadrian's Wall

"Housesteads Fort at Hadrian's Wall is thrilled to have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by travel review website Trip Advisor …"
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The development of the attraction for the 2012 season is clearly paying off and the article continues:

"The interactive new museum at Housesteads is open daily throughout the summer 2012.  Visitors can see collections of Roman finds, artefacts, a trip round the museum for youngsters, by ‘Felix’ (the new Roman recruit) and a stunning CGI film, narrated by film and television star, Bernard Hill."

A YouTube Video of Housesteads from 2009

Credits: Video 401


And now for a less positive bit of news:

Helicopter rescue from Lake District fell cost £24k

"WALKERS prompted a £24,000 rescue when they scaled Scafell Pike with no map, compass or waterproofs. … 

After one of the men turned around and walked back to the Wasdale Head Inn, the other two continued – only to become lost in one of the most remote areas of the Lake District."

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Sorry to beat up on this same theme once again, but for goodness sake who in their right minds would go up into the Lake District mountains without map, compass, and waterproofs? We're in the middle of one of the wettest summers on record and people are still going up on the fells without wet weather kit. It's madness!

A large scale Lake District map would have cost a few pounds. The night-time rescue cost thousands, and could easily have cost lives.

That’s it for this morning. I’m off to Keswick now.

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