Keswick and Britain’s Lost Railways

by David Murray on 13 October 2012

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It was back in 2008 that I first wrote on this blog about Britain’s Lost Railways and the old railway station at Keswick, harking back to the days when it was possible to reach the northern parts of the Lake District by train. (I’ll not link to that article here just now, as I see some of the links on it no longer function; it needs some renovation work, one of the challenges of a blog coming up to its fifth year).

Keswick station sign

However, this morning I was reminded of the Keswick station by two different means, firstly by a mention on Twitter of the path along the old railway track. The station sign is still there on the back of the station house, which is now incorporated into the nearby Keswick Hotel. You can just about see the sign, still mounted on one of the old cast iron posts, in the photo below.

Keswick station platform

The path continues on from there through beautiful wooded countryside. It’s a great shame that Keswick has lost its railway access, but the route along the old track has been well preserved for the enjoyment of thousands who visit Keswick every year.

Keswick station house - Lake District Cumbria

The station house also still stands, externally more or less as it always was, now serving as an annex to the hotel.

Amazon ImageI said at the start that there were two things which reminded me of the railway to Keswick. The other one was an article in the English Heritage magazine, Heritage Today about transport-related heritage and the work of John Minnis. Although, to be honest, I question the wisdom of giving Grade II listing to a filling station forecourt (not least because I wonder whether future impact on the business was taken into consideration; celebrity could become a curse rather than a blessing) it was good to be reminded of his previous work on Britain’s Lost Railways: The Twentieth-Century Destruction of our Finest Railway Architecture, published last year.

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