More Photos from the 2012 Cockermouth Woolfest

by David Murray on 2 July 2012

in Cockermouth

Cockermouth ‘Woolfest’ this year was another outstanding illustration of how wet weather does not need to dampen enjoyment of a Lake District holiday. Thousands of people made their way through the rain to a splendid event which was a credit to the organisers. I have already written about it here, but looking through my photos again I thought it would be good to upload a few more.

Spun alpaca on stand at Woolfest

Wool, whether from sheep, goats or alpacas could be bought in several different ways. Above is a display of ready-spun alpaca whereas below is another stand selling bags of unspun fibre (in this case sheep wool).

Bags of wool at Cockermouth Woolfest

In one corner of the exhibition area was a kind of market for unprocessed fleece. Purchasers were warned on the notice that they must evaluate for themselves the quality of what they were buying, and many people rummaged through the plastic bags full of fibre to find just what they wanted.

Unprocessed fleece for sale at the 2012 Woolfest

Some of the stands included demonstrations of particular craft methods and techniques. If I remember correctly this lady was demonstrating a dyeing process.

Cockermouth 2012 Woolfest - Demonstration

I especially liked this display of wall hangings by Eta Ingham-Lawrie. Some stall-holders have an aversion to photographers, and I stood for a while admiring her display before asking permission to take the photograph. I need not have worried.

Eta Ingham-Lawrie display at Cokcermouth Woolfest 2012

At one end of the display Eta had set up an upright loom to show how she produces these splendid hangings. Since beginning to write this post I have learned that Eta, who is based just over the border in Scotland, was awarded the Herdwick Cup (knitted from Herdwick wool) for her display. Well deservedly, too!

Eta Ingham-Lawrie working on a wall-hanging at Woolfest 2012

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