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by David Murray on 29 August 2011

in Cumbria, Grasmere, Grasmere

Following my visit to Grasmere in the English Lake District last week I blogged about the 2011 Summer Exhibition of the Lake Artists Society. Here now are some more photos from that afternoon. The weather was varied. Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon, although from a photography point of view the light kept shifting from the promising to the hopeless.

Looking south from Grasmere village - Cumbria Lake District

Looking south from Grasmere village

Back in February I took a number of photographs of the River Rothay by Grasmere churchyard. At that time of year it was cold, and there were no leaves on the trees. Now we have a much greener scene and on a comfortably warm afternoon people were sitting out on the cafe patio.

The River Rothay by Grasmere Churchyard - Cumbria Lake District

The River Rothay by Grasmere Churchyard

Sarah Nelson's Gingerbread Shop - Grasmere - Cumbria Lake District

Sarah Nelson's Gingerbread Shop, Grasmere

It was in December 2009 that I wrote a short piece about Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread Shop by the entrance to Grasmere village churchyard. I don’t recall why I did not include a photograph of it at the time as I did take some. To correct that omission here is a view of it today, followed below by the plaque on the side wall of the house explaining the older history of the house in the early days of village education and the involvement of the Wordsworth family.

Plaque by Grasmere Gingerbread Shop - Lake District Cumbria

Plaque by Grasmere Gingerbread Shop

By the time I’d driven from from Grasmere village to Dove Cottage, taken a few photographs there (to be posted later) and arrived at the water’s edge the light had deteriorated greatly. Here, however, is one shot that I think is reasonable given the circumstances, and I’ll look forward to better conditions on another visit.

Grasmere - Lake District - Cumbria

The Water's Edge, Grasmere

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