Nature in the North – Smitten bitterns at Leighton Moss

by David Murray on 30 March 2012

in Birds, Lancashire

Spring is sprung! And the RSPB at Leighton Moss report lovey-dovey bitterns. The other day Annabel Rushton wrote:

Our very lucky Visitor Services Manager Jacqui was out for a stroll on the reserve yesterday evening and witnessed a rare treat at the bottom of the causeway.  She was listening to our male bittern booming and suddenly he flew up out of the reeds along with a second bittern and they proceeded to give an amazing display to each other in mid-air before tumbling back down in to the reedbed! This truly awesome sight certainly makes a romance between them look promising.

There’s a lot of nature in the North. Look out for it.

Bittern, Leighton Moss January 2009

Bittern, from Grisedale Hide, Leighton Moss, Jan 2009 - by Gidzy,

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