Nature in the North

For the purposes of this site we define the North of England as everything from the Scottish border down roughly to a line drawn across the country from the Mersey to the Humber. This relates to the historic counties (as distinct from the present-day administrative counties) of Lancashire, Yorkshire (three Ridings), Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland.

All too often the image of the North is one of industrial grime, but the reality is very different. Here you will find:

In addition there are extensive properties owned or managed by

In several areas there are interagency initiatives. An outstanding example is

On this site see: Nature Reserves in West Cumbria

If you have never spent an holiday in Northern England you are missing a great English experience. Remember the distances, by British standards, are quite considerable. Places that seem quite close together on a road map often have mountains or expanses of moorland between them. You’ll not be able to cover it all in one go unless you have a few months to spare.

Choose one of the national parks (maybe the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales), find an hotel using our hotel finder (above right) and from there explore outwards, including some of the less publicised places. On this site we try to introduce you to the less-busy places as well as the tourist “honey-pots”. How about, for example, a few days exploring West Cumbria while visiting the Lake District.

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