Nature Reserves in the North of England

by David Murray on 10 November 2011

in Birds, Nature Reserves

The North of England has a remarkable number of nature reserves, and I’ve decided to include a directory to many (hopefully most) of these on

For starters I’ve now launched version 1 of a page entitled “The RSPB in the North of England“. At present it contains just a simple listing, a brief indication of location, what to expect at each of the fifteen sites listed, and a link to each reserve’s web pages.

There’s more coming here on this theme at, Nature in the North. As I did the research for this set of pages, even though I thought I knew the region quite well I was surprised at the number and variety of nature reserves we have available to us in this part of the country. Some I already knew; others I’ve added to my personal “Didn’t know of this; need to visit” list. Watch out for more over the coming days.

By the way, if you’re not already following @Around_England on Twitter, click here. On most days there is a selection of news and other items related to enjoying the beautiful places of the North.
(Note: Because Twitter doesn’t allow hyphens we have to be Around_England there).

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