New Year’s Day at Pooley Bridge, Ullswater

by David Murray on 4 January 2013

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Leaving Appleby the sun was shining. By Penrith it was raining. At Dalemain it was bright. At Pooley Bridge there was light drizzle. And so it went on, oscillating between bright patches and light rain. Familiar Lake District weather at this time of year. Pooley Bridge, the village, was looking a little sorry for itself.

Pooley Bridge - Lake District - Cumbria

Pooley Bridge on a Damp New Years Day

First stop was some lunch, and Granny Dowbekin’s was open so we headed there. After a satisfying combination of Cumberland sausage, mash and peas followed by a beautiful slab of carrot cake it was time for some photography. First stop the river, by the bridge.

River Eamont - Pooley Bridge - Cumbria

River Eamont at Pooley Bridge, New Year’s Day 2013

The water was almost spilling over into the car park. The River Eamont is full! Here’s a shot from a spot very close by, taken in July 2011. See the difference?

River Eamont in July - Pooley Bridge - Lake District

River Eamont at Pooley Bridge – July 2011

Further downstream by Pooley Mill the water was not far from spilling out onto the road.

River Eamont - Pooley Mill - Cumbria

River Eamont at Pooley Mill – 1st January 2013

If you’re not familiar with this spot the photograph may not mean much, but I would estimate the river to have been around three times its normal width.

Anyway, I’ve got a little out of sequence. I’d better go back to the the boats landing stage at Pooley Bridge. There were no sailings today, and I think it would have taken a super-hardy type to enjoy it if there’d been any.

Landing Stage Pooley Bridge Ullswater

Landing Stage at Pooley Bridge, Ullswater – New Year’s Day 2013

To my mind at least, this was not a day for being on the water, even if we had enjoyed looking at it. Maybe I’m becoming soft in my old age. A cup of steaming hot coffee was now called for, so off we went to find one.

Rain hasn’t put off all the visitors

It was good to read that many visitors to the Lake District had not been put off by the weather. Here’s a report on Windermere:

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day the water level of the lake was reported to be around 2ft higher than the typical level for this time of year. But the wet weather has not deterred visitors from enjoying a boat ride across the lake – and hasn’t stopped tourists from across the world enjoying a visit. Windermere Lake Cruises, which operates every day apart from Christmas Day, has had a good December period, which was up on December 2011.

Lake District Photography in the Rain?

Some people may wonder what is the point of taking a camera out on a damp day. I would argue that there’s every point. You never know what you’re doing to come across. So far as the Lake District weather is concerned Val Corbett has proved the point with her book, Rainy Days in the Lake District

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