Ospreys and Mountain Bikes in the Lake District

by David Murray on 3 April 2012

in Bassenthwaite, Birds

Great news for the osprey watchers of the Lake District.  BBC News Cumbria reports

A female osprey has been spotted in Cumbria at the start of the nesting season. …. The unidentified female was spotted on a nest near Keswick on Friday but it is not known if she will remain. Ospreys fly south to Africa during late autumn, returning to the UK towards the start of April. A pair of ospreys first nested near Bassenthwaite Lake in the Lake District in 2001 and raised a single chick – the first for more than 150 years ….

Read more on BBC News Cumbria:  Osprey spotted on nest in Cumbria

It is, of course, early days still but let's hope that once again we see not only ospreys but osprey chicks by Bassenthwaite Lake.


Elsewhere in the Lake District, at Grizedale Forest, there's more good news (again via the BBC) and this time for the mountain bike enthusiast. A new 1 km trail has been developed at the highest level of difficulty, “black”.  See:  Lake District black grade mountain bike trail opens


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