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River Eden near Appleby on a Wintry Afternoon

Three more shots of the beautiful Eden Valley. Before reaching the centre of the town the River Eden passes Bongate (the place where in ancient times the ‘bondsmen’ used to live), down below the cliff where Appleby Castle stands proud. Here is a cold January midday shot of the river, reduced in level from what it was a few days earlier, flowing over the weir, frost still lying on the grass from the night before.

River Eden at Bongate Appleby

River Eden Reflections. That one was taken a few days ago. This next one just a few hours ago this afternoon, a little further upstream toward Ormside. I like the contrast between the flow and the stillness.

River Eden - in the Eden Valley between Appleby and Ormside

And finally, just to show that all was not dark and gloomy but actually bright under an almost cloudless sky, here is the parkland by the Eden banks close to where the second shot was taken. This shot was taken just slightly away from directly into the sun, hence the whiting out of the sky, but I think it does capture the sense of cold January mistiness.

January afternoon by the banks of the Eden above Bongate

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I hope these help to demonstrate further that the beauties of Cumbria are not limited to the Lake District National Park. Don’t miss Appleby and the Eden Valley from your Cumbrian itinerary.