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Terrible Things Happen In Beautiful Places

Injured lamb - Dog warning

Starting a short walk by Goldrill Beck and Brothers’ Water this afternoon I was stopped in my tracks by this poster. What was such a gruesome image doing in such a beautiful place?

The National Trust appears to have concluded that shock tactics are necessary. Far too many sheep and lambs are attacked by dogs each year. Something has to be done to stop it. I hope this poster has the required effect, even if it does make for a somewhat disturbing start to an afternoon walk.

Goldrill Beck and Brothers Water Cumbria Goldrill Beck from Cow Bridge Hartsop Brothers Water - Lake District

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  • Victoria 30 May 2013, 16:57

    Your blog is great! The shots in this post are beautiful. After seeing so many shepherds talk (on twitter) talking about sheep attacked by dogs, I have to say that although this poster isn’t a nice sight, it’s what we need to raise awareness. I’m a massive dog lover and have always had Labs, but we’ve always staunchly avoided fields with sheep in, even with them on their leads, unless there’s really no other way around (or we’d turn back). Keep up the great work with the blog!

  • David Murray 31 May 2013, 10:15

    Thanks for the response, Victoria. Yes, I agree. I don’t have a dog now, but used to, and while none of them was likely actually to savage a sheep or lamb that’s not the only point. Ewes can become very disturbed by a dog running around, and being descended from many generations of Westmorland high fell sheep farmers I try to keep this in mind. Thanks also for the positive comments about the blog generally.

  • wally 3 August 2013, 03:47

    David these are some beautiful pictures of landscape. Thanks for uploading pics and great job on your website!