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by David Murray on 7 June 2011

in Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria, Eden Valley, Events, Visitor Attractions

On moving from Nottinghamshire to the Eden Valley in Cumbria back in March we had great difficulty in getting a broadband connection. I’ll not waste time here moaning about the incompetence of internet service suppliers, or the almost unbelievable official neglect of rural areas with regard to digital access, but will now get on with adding more useful content to the site as well as checking that all our links still work.

I do know, for example, that during our “gap” period there have been changes at our hotel booking service, and this will require some serious work over the next few days to ensure that every link connects properly throughout our Around-England family of sites.

Meanwhile, here is a photo from my wander around Appleby during the gypsy fair weekend.

Horse Washing and Crowds at Appleby Fair

Horse Washing and Crowds at Appleby Fair

In a later item I’ll include some close-ups of horses and activities.

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