The Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition, Grasmere

by David Murray on 22 August 2011

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The New Hall, Grasmere, from 28th July to 5th September
Opening hours 10.30am – 5.00pm daily
The article below refers to the 2011 exhibition

The Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition 2011

The Lake Artists Society - Poster 2011 - Grasmere - Lake District

This afternoon a visit to Grasmere was rounded off well by a look around the 2011 Summer Exhibition of the Lake Artists Society in the village’s New Hall. The society was founded in 1904 as one of the many initiatives of the multi-talented artist and historian, W G Collingwood, who in his younger years served as secretary to John Ruskin at Brantwood and with his wife is buried alongside Ruskin in Coniston churchyard.

Membership of the Society is limited to forty-five but the exhibition is open to submissions from any artist residing in Cumbria – although the selection process for display is rigorous, and this shows in the quality of work I saw today.

Lake Artists Society 2011 Summer Exhibition Grasmere - Main Hall

Lake Artists Society 2011 Summer Exhibition - a first sight of the main gallery

Above is an impression of the exhibition hall on first entering. I paid my pound entrance fee (yes, only £1.00!) and bought a copy of the 56-page guide (only £2.50) and then asked could I be allowed to take photographs, explaining that they were for this web site. After a friendly conversation with a gentleman introduced as the Society’s “chairman” (I can’t find this title in the guide, so my apologies if I got that wrong) I spent a very enjoyable time admiring what, albeit to the eye of a non-artist, came across as excellent work.

The Lake Artists Society - part of the main hall

The Lake Artists Society 2011 Summer Exhibition - Part of the main gallery

Although many of the paintings exhibited are landscapes, reflecting both the location and the name of the Society, there is a wider variety of theme, and also sculpture. The main gallery itself is divided into sections, and there are two full-length corridors, North and South.

The Lake Artists Society 2011 - Grasmere - Cumbria Lake District

The Lake Artists Society 2011 Summary Exhibition - more than landscape

I just wish I’d had more time to be able to do this exhibition justice, but having taken my photographs I realised that I’d left my wife waiting for me, sitting in the car in the carpark around the corner. Sadly, I had to leave, but I’ll be looking out for The Lake Artists Society 2012 Summer Exhibition. This year’s exhibition is open until 7th September.

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