The Lake District by Bus

by David Murray on 11 July 2008

in Transport

The overcrowding of the Lake District roads has long been a problem at peak times of the year. Why not contribute to the traffic reduction by leaving you car either at home completely or in the hotel carpark or on the campsite?

What!? I can almost hear the howls of outrage. It’s surely impossible!

Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly without a degree of planning it would be difficult to use public transport to move around the Lakes, but with planning a great deal changes. What’s more, this afternoon I’ve found a tool that should be a massive help.

It’s an online public transport journey planner for Cumbria. (Actually it’s for the Northeast and Cumbria!). I tested it by requesting timetables for Glenridding to Newby Bridge, and Staveley to Buttermere.  Sure the journey time for the first of these was long, not advisable for a day trip unless you really like looking out of a bus window, but I was very impressed with the second.  This system really does work, and for short journeys I’d describe it as an outstanding resource.

Take a look, and see whether you can contribute to emission reductions in the Lake District.

– David Murray –

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