The Lake District – Stationary Objects and Challenging Speed

by David Murray on 19 February 2009

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Two bits of Lake District news in today’s post.

As for stationary objects I’m not referring to Janice who refuses to be dragged out of her bed on time in the morning, nor Bill who won’t be budged from the telly on Saturday afternoon.  No, I’m talking about a real statue, one that when it’s erected should stay put for many a decade.

Although the Westmorland Gazette went a bit too far recently in referring to Alfred Wainwright as “one of Kendal’s most famous sons” when in fact he was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, it is nevertheless excellent news that Kendal is to raise the funds for permanent bronze memorial to the town’s most famous 20th century resident.  May it come quickly and last long.

My second snippet is certainly not about staying in the same place for long.  It’s a reference to the mountain bike endurance race scheduled for 29th March at the Whinlatter Forest Park.  The Altura Whinlatter Challenge has apparently already passed 200 entrants.  Let’s hope that this latest Lake District mountain bike event is successful.  30 miles over this terrain is more than I would ever have attempted in my youth (even if there’d been such a thing as a mountain bike in those days) and I admire those young people with the energy, enthusiasm and dedication to training that’s needed to pit themselves successfully against the challenging course.

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