“The Lakes” on ITV1 – From 4th January

by David Murray on 24 December 2009

in Northern England

When I first heard of the plan to broadcast this series of programmes on life in the English Lake District I did a search and the first thing that came up on Google was a page on the ITV.com website about a drama series called The Lakes, from the late 1990s.

It didn’t seem very appealing, especially if it was to be a re-run. But was it to be a new series on the same theme? After all, the last series was quite a success, capturing Bafta nominations and critical congratulation. So I thought I’d better do a search on the ITV.com website itself. Ah! That’s better! Not drama – at least, not fictional drama.

Starting with Episode 1 of The Lakes we’ll be seeing pictures of the lives of many people living and working in the Lake District during a busy summer season. I’m looking forward to January 4th, 8:00pm, ITV1.

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