The Leaning Tower of Burnham

by David Murray on 23 June 2011

in Architecture, Somerset, South West

Leaning Tower of Burnham Church

St. Andrew's Church, Burnham-on-Sea

While walking around Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset one day last week I took this photo of the church tower.

No, it is not a trick of the camera. The tower really does lean. Compare it against the rooflines of buildings in the background.  There’s no risk of it falling though. At least, it’s remained firmly in place ever since it tilted over shortly after being built – almost seven hundred years ago.

Of course, comparisons have been drawn with “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”. It’s not quite so spectacular, the tilt being just under 2.5 degrees as against twice that in Pisa, but nevertheless St. Andrew’s church tower is quite remarkable – just one of several unusual features of Burnham.

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