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The River Eden at Appleby This Afternoon

The sunshine attracted me away from the keyboard after lunch today. My target, with cameras, was the River Eden at Appleby (or, to give it its full name, Appleby-in-Westmorland). What the warplanes circling and thundering overhead were aiming at, in addition to making white trails in the almost cloudless sky, is anyone’s guess. Ignoring the noise I went down onto the river bank.

River Eden, Appleby - An Autumn Afternoon

Here in the Eden Valley it has scarcely rained for a couple of weeks. The water level was low so it was possible to get down onto gravel and sand at several points. Here are two shots that I quite like, although they could have been better. I forgot that I’d just had my camera set at ISO400. They may have been better at ISO100. Still, technicalities aside, they give a good impression of a glorious Appleby Autumn afternoon.

Autumn by the Eden at Appleby - Eden Valley - Cumbria

Autumn by the River Eden at Appleby

Next I walked along the river bank, past the cricket ground and parish church to my right, over the bridge and onto the bank on The Sands side of the river. Here now is a view of approximately the same point but looking downstream from the opposite side.

River Eden  at Appleby - An Autumn View - Eden Valley Cumbria

River Eden at Appleby - An Autumn View Looking Dowstream from The Sands

The sun has gone now. There was just that short spell in the middle of a mid-November day to catch it lighting up the river bank like this. So I’m once again back at the keyboard, trying to think great blogging thoughts.

‘Til next time.

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