The Ruskin Monument – Coniston

by David Murray on 13 November 2009

in Coniston Water, Cumbria, Historic Houses

Ruskin monument in Coniston churchyard - 1This morning while working on preparations for another new site, very little to do with England and nothing at all to do with the Lake District, I was searching through a crate of old photos. Yes, I do mean crate! I have several of them, and in this one I was digging for pictures from the years, 1990-92, that I spent repeatedly travelling to and from Istanbul on business.

Amazingly I found what I wanted – some shots of the wonderful ancient mosaics in the Hagia Sophia – but then in the middle of the packet I discovered some long-forgotten old photos of the area around Coniston Water from the same 35mm film (this was long before digital photography). I guess I must have taken a break from airports, jumped into the car with my wife and driven up to the Lake District. I’ve no memory of it but the trip obviously produced two quite nice photos of the monument to John Ruskin in the Coniston village churchyard.

Ruskin monument in Coniston churchyard - 2I’ve tried photographing this several times over the years but have never been there when I was happy with the light. I guess these are as good as I’ve ever got, so here they are. Sometime I must get shots of each of the separate panels and write up some notes on them. It’s a fascinating monument to a fascinating man.

We must have gone out on Coniston Water the same day because here also is a shot of John Ruskin’s house Brantwood, taken from the water. Maybe we went out on Gondola.

Brantwood from Coniston Water 1991

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