Toward Environmental, Social and Economic Balance

by David Murray on 21 September 2011

in Opinion

The Prime Minister this week has said that “Sustainable development has environmental and social dimensions as well as an economic dimension.” He’s right, and in writing to Dame Fiona Reynolds at the National Trust about proposed chages to the planning system he went on admirably to say that the three have to be kept in balance.

I want very briefly here to stress that vital word, “balance”. The National Trust has been objecting strenuously to what they perceive as a “bias” toward economic interests. I do hope that they will not continue their campaign to the point of calling for a bias to the environmental. “Balance” must be the word in truly sustainable development.

Finally I wish that they and other campaigners would stop implying that “economic interest” is somehow the province of so-called fat-cat business people. They need to remember that they themselves are part of the economy. Without economic development people like you and me will no longer be able to afford the annual subscriptions that keep them going in their (mostly) good work.

For other of my thoughts relevant to this see: “To Protect? Or To Preserve?

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