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Two Cambridgeshire Watermills

En route to a weekend conference in Cambridge last Friday I managed to squeeze in visits to two still-working watermills, both at properties managed by the National Trust. The first, at Houghton near Huntingdon, is the only remaining working watermill on the Great Ouse, and I was looking forward to the visit. Sadly I’d misread the National Trust handbook and it was closed for the day (it opens from Saturday to Wednesday) but I did manage to get some photographs from the outside.

Houghton Mill - Watermill on the Great Ouse near Huntingdon Anglesey Abbey Cambridge - Watermill

As a result of not being able to look around in greater detail I had some spare time so headed to Anglesey Abbey. I’ll be writing more another time about this magnificent house but for now here’s a shot of the watermill framed in the hedge as you emerge from the magnificent gardens.

Although now once again a flour mill (and you can buy the flour) Lode Mill spent some years as part of a cement factory but has now been restored. Inside you can climb the stairs to upper floors and see the machinery. There are very interesting displays relating not only to this particular mill but to the history of milling in general.

Anglesey Mill Watermill near Cambridge - Flour Milling

I’m especially grateful to the staff who suggested that I take the final photograph below and who, having let me out of the back door, were gracious enough to let me back in through the ‘No Entry’ sign. This was my third National Trust property of the day and I can only praise the staff at the two that were open and who, after hearing of what I’m trying to do with the Around-England site, were so very helpful. (By the way, the first of the day was further north at Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire, birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton; I’ll write about that another day).

Anglesey Abbey Watermill - near Cambridge

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