Underwater at Coniston and Wastwater

by David Murray on 6 January 2010

in Coniston Water, Wastwater

The title of this post may have misled some people to think that I was going to write about the recent Cumbrian floods. Not at all. This is about the lakes, and getting under their surfaces, in particular Coniston Water and Wastwater. Actually it’s all a bit light-hearted. Last night I’d just spent an entire day writing for a number of blogs and preparing photographs for them when I spotted that I had nothing for this blog today. So why not take a look at YouTube and see what might be interesting to people. There were several candidates, but eventually I plumped for something entirely different from usual, and here it is.

Plant life in coniston water

2 meters under the water at Coniston July 2009 Bailiff Wood

I can’t say that the underwater plant life of Coniston is especially exotic, but although I’m no freshwater biologist I do feel that it’s nice to see that there is life down there. As I understand it, however, Wastwater is quite different. Apparently there’s very little to be seen there … a least that used to be the case. As I wrote on my lake district web site a year or two ago, some clever guys decided to brighten up the bed of Wastwater with a collection of garden gnomes. It suddenly occurred to me that someone might have filmed it. Someone had, and put it on YouTube. So here goes:

Wastwater Gnome Garden

Well, I hope that might have entertained you. At least it’s a bit different from our normal fare

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