Wanthwaite Crags near Keswick – Autumn and Winter

by David Murray on 23 March 2013

in Cumbria, Keswick, Mountains and Hills

A very brief item today. I just noticed that I had two photographs taken from almost identical positions (close to Burns Farm at St Johns-in-the-Vale near Keswick) showing Wanthwaite Crags, one from last October and the other this past week. So here they are together, the contrast of Autumn and Winter colour in the Lake District.

Wanthwaite Crags in Autumn - near Keswick Cumbria

Wanthwaite Crags in Winter - near Keswick Cumbria

And while I’m looking at this area, here’s another of Wanthwaite Crags in the snow, seen from the Castlerigg stone circle. (Oh, and for the benefit of those who don’t know Castletrigg, I should say that the small circle shown here is the smaller one inside the main circle).

Wanthwaite Crags in snow - from Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick

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