Who said Yorkshire was all smoke?

by David Murray on 27 July 2011

in Coast, Yorkshire

One of the great mistakes made by people who know of the northern counties of England as the cradle of the industrial revolution, but have never visited, is to assume that they are “wall-to-wall” blackened dereliction.

Not one bit of it! I must protest, and often do, at such caricatures. Not only do we have wonderful moorland open spaces, imposing mountains, and beautiful river valleys but we also have splendid coastal areas. Here’s Bridlington in East Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Coast at Bridlington

The Yorkshire Coast at Bridlington

This is a wonderful area in which to spend an holiday, as we did last year when this photograph was taken from the cliffs on the sea front. Not far away is Flamborough, about which I blogged recently, with its lighthouse and fantastic cliff scenery complete with seabirds in their two-hundred acre nature reserve. Then inland are several very attractive country houses to visit if that’s to your taste. And there’s so much more. I’ll be saying more about this area in future posts.

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